1. Many famous foreign companies use the characterization – “natural”on the label of their production and for advertising, and for more persuasiveness attach beautiful photos of plants to emphasize the natural origin of the production. That, unfortunately, often doesn’t correspond with the reality. In most cases our consumer is offered 100% synthetic shampoos. Of the shampoos made via synthetic ingredients, is characteristic a jellylike viscosity or absolute transparency; And a vegetable shampoo is liquid, heterogeneous, and possibly produces sediment because of a high content of plant saps forming its composition. That’s why before its use STIMULIT necessarily needs to be shaken up several times.

2. The majority of chemical shampoos are characterized by the following property: after rinsing, shampoo doesn’t come off the hair and scalp completely, there is left an unpleasant feeling that hair is like “oiled”, “sticky” from shampoo remainders. To neutralize these remainders, it becomes necessary to rinse hair with an additional special rinser to normalize scalp condition and wash shampoo microfilm down from the hair-covering. STIMULIT completely comes off the hair-covering under the shower, hair and skin are ideally cleansed, and as a mark of an unusual cleanness, hair becomes fluffy, acquires volume, and the sensation of a pleasant aroma, lightness and cheerfulness will long accompany you.

3. Since STIMULIT contains natural plant saps, it possesses a good neutralizing property. It’s recommended to apply it immediately after hair dyeing to release hair and scalp from harmful toxins (the remainders of heavy metals, alkaline or acidic salts) which are massively used in dyes for hair discoloring and tinting. STIMULIT balances the pH value of the scalp and hair.

4. During hair loss treatment, it is on the agenda for a patient to choose a shampoo which will not only diminish treatment effect, but on the contrary, will help retain and improve the attained result. Washing hair with STIMULIT concurrently with treatment – binds in a unified, whole system your hair care cycle. It represents a reliable remedy which is an excellent caretaker for your hair owing to its best therapeutic and cosmetic effect even after completing the procedures of hair loss treatment.

5. The herbal shampoo-balsam STIMULIT is an irreplaceable remedy for babies and children of tender years: it doesn’t irritate eyes, it’s good for allergic skin, and cheers up a baby with its wonderful scent.