20 years ago after a heavy disease, my hair started to fall out intensively, what made me worry a lot. I applied to many well-known foreign medicinal preparations, used various shampoos claiming to be able to cure hair loss, but without any result. I noted that the process hadn't stopped: the hair was coming out abundantly with a hand sweep, during bathing, it was left on a pillow, clothes. I saw lots of bald men around and didn't want to become like them at an early age. As I was discontent with the other existing remedies, I decided to work out by myself a natural remedy possessing the effect entirely based on medicinal herbs therapeutic properties. A certain period of time had passed since numerous experiments and investigations were conducted and my recipe solved not only my personal hair loss problem, but it was immediately taken up by my own family, my friends, relatives or acquaintances. In a short time it became popular in a relatively wide circle of my acquaintances due to its excellent therapeutic and cosmetical effects. In the course of time I saw well enough that hair loss problem is an object of special attention and care in many countries of the world, and that this kind of diseases is treated, unfortunately, only with synthetic means, and, besides, with a very low effect. The demand was felt for really effective natural pharmaceutical and cosmetical means of this direction. The excellent therapeutic and cosmetical effects of my invention encouraged me to make it widely available to the public. After many years of tireless efforts, all the necessary documentation has been worked out for preparation registration, as a medicine and for it’s production.

I called the preparation "Shroshani" (lily of the valley in Georgian), the plant mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of spirituality and beauty. This denomination is a registered trademark and all rights to its utilization are the firm's property.

The preparation gradually took its place beside the pharmacological production of foreign manufacture of analogous trend. For years the user's trust has been of the top importance to our pharmaceutical enterprise, and we always wish to justify it, putting on the market new natural preparations intended for different use, to offer our consumers a wide choice and possibility to protect their health. Our motto itself: " The Life to Live" means the revitalization of a safe and highly effective pharmaceutics that is unthinkable without utilization of natural raw materials--medicinal plants.

The preparation "Shroshani" is intended for seborrheic hair loss and dandruff treatment. Long standing practice of its application demonstrates: that hair-covering density and the number of hair follicles increase, hair stems regain their former health and intensive losing of hair ceases; regeneration of the scalp takes place, it is cured of dandruff, oiliness is regulated. Of course, the preparation "Shroshani" as well as other analogical pharmaceutical preparations is not a panacea, but the fact deserving much attention is that diligent and intensive usage preparation shroshani accompanied with energetic massage increases the efficacy of hair loss treatment to 80% out of every 100 patients; of dandruff treatment--to 60%, and an increase of the hair density and covering regeneration--to 35%, and that is a significant achievement. The preparation "Shroshani" is one of those remedies among the other medcines registered today in Georgia that have undergone the widest and most versatile preclinical and clinical investigations. The articles are being published in the world's leading dermatological journals.

The fact deserving attention is that lots of our patients maintained hair using our preparation long and systematically, despite of their statement that they were predisposed to baldness by heredity factor. The patients having enough willpower and willingness to rub the preparation in daily, systematically with concomitant energetic massage for several months -- achieve the best results.

Take into consideration that the preparation is 100% natural remedy and contains the extract of eleven species of various herbs, each of them is characterized with its distinguished therapeutic effect in the aspect of the scalp and hair-covering treatment.

Many of our patients systematically use the "Shroshani" preparation for the purpose of hair-covering protection and prophylaxis. They have marked its distinguished cosmetic effect. The preparation reveals all the properties of natural hair conditioner too. After its application, the hair becomes voluminous, downy, pliant, easily arranged, and acquires the desired form; you look as if you are fresh from a bathroom, having your head just washed. It all takes place in a moment, in a short period of time, that is very convenient, especially when you urgently need to put the hair in order, when you have no time to wash your head or are trying not to catch cold in cool weather.

Dear Consumer! The preparation "Shroshani" represents two different effects in one bottle: the best therapeutic and incomparable cosmetical influence on you hair, safe, natural, pleasant sensation; the remedy will protect and maintain your hair-covering, regenerate it and endow you with a happy feeling of touch with forest plants, nature.

Remarks to be considered:

1. Frequent change of various kinds of shampoos irritates the scalp, causes dandruff, scalp drying-up; therefore you need to find a shampoo of a mild action, suitable for your scalp, which is less aggressive towards the skin.

2. Washing with overly hot water injures hair roots.

3. Frequent washing of the head with synthetic preparations does not benefit the hair-covering. During diseases of the scalp and hair we advice to wash the head once a week.

4. If hair loss proceeds on the background of some heavy disease of the internal organs, for attaining the desired effect treat first this disease and afterwards take a course of treatment with the preparation.

5. Human scalp is inert and poorly supplied with blood, is exposed to a comparatively intensive influence of cold and heat. Hence metabolism disturbances are very frequent in it, what favors to disease it. Just for this reason--for better absorption of the preparation into the scalp--the great attention is paid to energetic massage of the scalp after rubbing the remedy in. The best is to massage the scalp with a terry towel; it will heat the scalp (is implied rubbing a towel against the scalp in the manner we dry the hair, but exerting more pressure) to redness. The scalp, thus stimulated, along with the preparation accelerates processes of hair roots regeneration.

6. Before starting treatment be sure to read the instruction.

I wish you health and longevity!

George Kutateladze