We are proud to present the natural shampoo “Stimulit”, a new and original solution for hair problems. We greatly hope that as we have justified your trust by our other well-known natural preparations, “Stimulit” will equally well satisfy you.

The novatory, up-to-date technology and effective formula of “Stimulit” manufacturing distinguishes it as a hair care means of an absolutely new class in the category of shampoos made on the natural basis.

The content of natural herbal saps in “Stimulit” exceeds 60% and it is the unique shampoo by its composition, as well as by the effect. “Stimulit” is specially made for problematic scalp and hair loss; plants of a high therapeutic effect are used in the formula. Because of the original composition, the cosmetic effect caused by “Stimulit” essentially differs from that of other widely known shampoos.

Today’s market offers the consumer a very wide selection of shampoos, the majority of which are totally manufactured via synthetic, chemical components. There exists a certain dissatisfaction: despite wide advertising, in the course of time synthetic shampoos don’t exhibit a good cosmetic effect – skin starts to peel, gets dehydrated, hair shafts become brittle, hair begins to fall out, loses its former health. Numerous patients, disturbed with the problems of the skin of head hairy area and hair loss, ask again what should be used to wash the head for hair care and prophylaxis during treatment period, and also after recovery. Today’s answer to this question is a new natural means for hair care – the “Stimulit” shampoo having no analogue (it contains natural, pure plant saps, and, besides, their amount constitutes more than 60%!), irreplaceable during hair loss treatment period. “Stimulit” is characterized by the best prophylactic and protective effect on healthy hair, insuring against hair loss and dandruff in the future. It’s equally recommended to children and adults as a means for hair care and a hygienic means.

“Stimulit” is characterized by all the properties of a natural conditioner: hair acquires volume still under the shower, becomes so clean that “creaks” with cleanness under the fingers. After toweling, hair becomes puffy, pliant, it is well arranged, and acquires a desirable shape: however awkwardly you put your head on a pillow, it is excluded your hair to be disheveled or disordered next morning. Having washed your hair with “Stimulit”, you don’t need to use other additional rinser. After leaving the bathroom, besides its pleasant fragrance you will long experience the sensation of a wonderful cleanness, lightness, and cheerfulness.

Take the new opportunity and choose the “Stimulit” shampoo. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!