APPLICATION INSTRUCTION: The vegetable preparation Shroshani® should be rubbed into the hair roots with a piece of absorbent cotton daily in the morning and evening, irrespective of whether your hair is clean or not. After the complete treatment of the hair-covering, wrap a towel around your head and wait 10 minutes, then dry your hair thoroughly and for 5 minutes apply the energetic massage in all areas of the scalp. Towards the end, comb your hair with a soft brush. There remains a hardly noticeable scent of wild flowers which quickly disappears. After you have rubbed the preparation in, rinsing hair with water is not recommended, for the efficacy of the preparation influence diminishes. Sediment is characteristic to the preparation. Before the use you should shake the medicine well. A significant effect is achieved within two weeks, beginning from the treatment start. The uninterrupted 3 months long course of treatment is recommended.

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STIMULIT is acceptable for any head skin, for extremely greasy, as well as for a dehydrated skin. It’s characterized by a gentle stimulating action, it normalizes scalp condition, and regulates metabolic processes in the hair-covering.


STIMULIT helps cease hair falling out and dandruff; strengthens hair roots, nourishes and makes hair-covering healthy, cleanses hair and scalp well; it possesses distinguished properties unlike all other shampoos; it doesn’t remain on the hair after rinsing, completely comes off the hair-covering and leaves a pleasant sensation; after washing, hair is easily arranged, acquires volume, becomes fluffy and pliant. The cosmetic effect of a hair conditioner is characteristic of STIMULIT.

Mode of use:

Via accompanying massage, rub a small portion of the shampoo into your hair, then rinse it off with water; repeat the procedure 3-4 times; your hair will retain a wonderful fragrance which has also been specially worked out on the basis of the copyrighted formula. After washing hair with STIMULIT, there is no need to use any other rinser.

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